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Schad Family History
Table of Contents
From Where in Europe
Book About Moletein
The Trip
To Where in the USA
Tombstones & Graves
Genealogy Poems
Relation Form
Reunion Form
Create a Calendar
----1st Generation
Joseph Schad
----2nd Generation
Johann Schad #1
Frank Schad Sr.
Johann Schad #2
Cecelia Schad
Aloys Schad
Adolph Schad Sr.
----3rd Generation
Theresa (Schad) Jarmer
Frances (Schad) Schaffer
Amelia (Schad) Montgomery
Frank Schad Jr.
Gustave Schad
Elizabeth (Schad) Babcock
Baby-Girl Schad
Raymond Schad
Adolph Schad Jr.
Adolph Schad (#2)
Louis Schad
Emma Schad (#1)
Emma (Schad) Gieselman
Lena (Schad) Jones/Ascher
----4th Generation
Herbert Jarmer
Irene Jarmer
Dorothy Jarmer
Gertrude Jarmer
Mary Jarmer
John Jarmer Jr.
Franklin Jarmer
George Jarmer
Eleanor Jarmer
Vivian Jarmer
Mary Schaffer
Aurelia Schaffer
Eva Schaffer
Eliza Schaffer
Pauline Schaffer
Frederick Schaffer
Herman Schaffer
Gertrude Schaffer
George Schaffer
Frances Montgomery
Ruth Montgomery
Donald Schad
Eugene Schad
Franklin Schad
Lester Schad
Floyd Schad
Sylvester Schad
Jerome Schad
Charles Schad
John Babcock Jr.
David Babcock
Leona Babcock
Mary Babcock
Leslie Schad
Lawrence Schad
Edward Gieselman
Cyril Gieselman
Bernard Gieselman
Clarence Gieselman
Leo Gieselman
Lorraine Gieselman
Louis Gieselman
Ray Jones
Donald Jones
Irene Jones
Elaine Jones
Lavonne Jones
The main page for Schad Family History
List of every link on this site.
Brief summary of this site.
List of the surnames in my family tree.
Summary of where the families here lived in Europe.
Book about the village of Moletein (in present-day Czech Republic)
Discussion of the trip to the Czech Republic taken in April, 2005.
Transportation- The ships used to get to the USA.
Summary of where the families moved to in the USA.
Obituaries from newspapers for a few individuals
Articles about families and people from various sources
Pictures of people and of artifacts
Pictures of tombstones and graves
Genealogy poems that, to me, explain what this is all about.
Form for you to fill out if related (or have info).
Form for you to fill out if you are interested in having a large family reunion.
Allows you to create and view calendars for any month/year (requires Java™)
Contains names of people in the 1st Generation of this Schad branch.
Tells about Joseph Schad
Contains names of people in the 2nd Generation of this Schad branch.
Tells about Johann Schad #1 (died in infancy)
Tells about Frank Schad Sr.
Tells about Johann Schad #2
Tells about Cecelia Schad
Tells about Aloys Schad
Tells about Adolph Schad Sr.
Contains names of people in the 3rd Generation
Details of Theresa (Schad) Jarmer's family
Details of Frances (Schad) Schaffer's family
Details of Amelia (Schad) Montgomery's family
Details of Frank Schad Jr.'s family
Details of Gustave Schad's family
Details of Elizabeth (Schad) Babcock's family
Details of Baby-Girl Schad
Details of Raymond Schad
Details of Adolph Schad Jr.'s family
Details of Adolph Schad (#2)
Details of Louis Schad's family
Details of Emma Schad (#1)
Details of Emma (Schad) Gieselman's family
Details of Lena (Schad) Jones/Ascher's family
Contains names of people in the 4th Generation
Details of Herbert Jarmer
Details of Irene (Jarmer) Spracher Family
Details of Dorothy (Jarmer) Anderson Family
Details of Gertrude (Jarmer) Wilds Family
Details of Mary Jarmer
Details of John Jarmer Jr. Family
Details of Franklin Jarmer Family
Details of George Jarmer Family
Details of Eleanor (Jarmer) McCort Family
Details of Vivian (Jarmer) Hill Family
Details of Mary (Schaffer) Shreiver Family
Details of Avrelia (Schaffer) Schawb Family
Details of Eva (Schaffer) Davis Family
Details of Eliza (Schaffer) Schultz Family
Details of Pauline (Schaffer) Myrvold Family
Details of Frederick Schaffer Family
Details of Herman Schaffer Family
Details of Gertrude (Schaffer) Veenhuis Family
Details of George Schaffer Family
Details of Frances (Montgomery) Mitchell Family
Details of Ruth (Montgomery) Funk Family
Details of Donald Schad Family
Details of Eugene Schad
Details of Franklin Schad
Details of Lester Schad Family
Details of Floyd Schad Family
Details of Sylvester Schad Family
Details of Jerome Schad
Details of Charles Schad Family
Details of John Babcock Jr. Family
Details of David Babcock
Details of Leona (Babcock) Norm Family
Details of Mary (Babcock) Allen/Rose Family
Details of Leslie Schad Family
Details of Lawrence Schad Family
Details of Edward Gieselman Family
Details of Cyril Gieselman Family
Details of Bernard Gieselman
Details of Clarence Gieselman Family
Details of Leo Gieselman Family
Details of Lorraine (Gieselman) Knapp Family
Details of Louis Gieselman Family
Details of Ray Jones
Details of Donald Jones Family
Details of Irene Jones
Details of Elaine (Jones) Rothell Family
Details of Lavonne (Jones) Selvidge Family

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