Josef Schad


	     Not a lot of information is known about Josef Schad, but he is listed here out of necessity because of his children, some of whom we know a good deal of information. Josef was born in Ohrnes, Austria (now Javorí, Czech Republic). He was the son of Josef and Appalonia (Penka) Schad. Appalonia was the daughter of Wenzel Penka. Josef married Cecelia Scendulka, the daughter of Josef & Marianna (Laschner) Scendulka. Marianna was the daughter of Johann Laschner. Scendulka was spelled in some records as Sendolka. Laschner was spelled Leischner. Spellings changed depending on who was taking the record. I can definitely relate, as my name of Clarke is rarely ever spelled with the "e".

     Cecelia was from Jeřmaň. The town had many different German spellings, so I will simply refer to it by its Czech name. We stopped through Jeřmaň and met a man with the last name Scendulka (or similar spelling). We then made our way to Bouzov (Busau- German) to see Bouzov Castle. At the base of the castle's walls was the church for that area. Jiri said Josef and Cecelia would have been married in that church as it was her local church. While I am sure Jiri is correct, I do not have documentation. Josef and Cecelia had six children that we know about:

  - Johann (records say died in infancy)
  - Frank*
  - Johann
  - Cecelia
  - Aloys
  - Adolph*

Joseph Schad
Cecelia Scendulka
b. ???
d. ???
b. ???
d. ???
presumably married in Busau, Austria (Bouzov, Czech Republic)

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