Adoph Schad Sr.


adolph schad sr.      Adolph was the youngest known child of Josef & Cecelia (Scendulka) Schad. He was born on January 12, 1869, in Ohrnes, Austria (Javori, Czech Republic). The midwife was Anna Steiger of Moletein. He was baptized on January 13 in Moletein by Karl Richter. There is a 10 year gap between Adolph's birthdate and the previous child. This leads me to believe there were other children of Josef and Cecelia that we missed while looking at the records while in Olomouc.

     Adolph came to the United States in March 1886, almost six years after his brother. He arrived in Baltimore Harbor aboard the ship American. This data can also be found at the page "From Where". Once in Cottonwood County, Minnesota, with Frank and his family, he married Rosella Nimerfroh. Together, the couple had six children, of which four survived past infancy:

  - Adolph Jr
  - Adolph   (lived two weeks)
  - Louis
  - Emma   (lived 9 months)
  - Emma Cecelia
  - Lena

Adolph Schad Sr.
Rosella Nimerfroh
b. 1-12-1869 @ Ohrnes, Austria (Javori, Czech Rep.)
d. 6-24-1948 @ Weimer Twp, Jackson Co., MN
b. 4-15-1859
d. 1-10-1939 @ Heron Lake, MN
m. 10-31-1889 @ Windom, MN

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