Frank Schad Sr.


FRANK SCHAD SR.      Frank was born in 1853 in the town of Wojes (Svojanov), to Josef & Cecelia (Scendulka) Schad. He married a woman by the name of Theresa Montag. She was born in the town of Ohrnes (Javori) to Johann and Rosaria (Till) Montag. Together, Frank and Theresa had nine children, of whom six survived infancy:

  - Theresa
  - Frank  (died at 37 days old)
  - Frances
  - Amelia
  - Frank Jr
  - Gustave
  - Elizabeth
  - Baby Girl  (lived 14 days)
  - Raymond   (lived 4 months)

     Frank, Theresa, Theresa (daughter), Frances (Fannie), and Amelia left Moletein in 1880 and settled in Cottonwood County, Minnesota. More information about their residence in Austria and coming to the USA can be found at from where and to where respectively.

Frank Schad Sr.
Theresa Montag
b. 6-23-1853 @ Wojes, Austria (Svojanov, Czech Rep.)
d. 4-12-1912 @ Heron Lake, MN
b. 1-19-1853 @ Ohrnes, Austria (Javori, Czech Rep.)
d. 10-16-1896 @ Springfield Twp, Cottonwood Co., MN
presumably married in Moletein, Austria

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