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Amelia (Schad) Montgomery Family


		      Amelia Schad was the daughter of Frank Sr. and Theresa (Montag) Schad. She was born on Nov. 2, 1878, in Ohrnes, Austria (Javori, Czech Rep.). Midwife was Johanna Hekele, of Ohrnes. She was baptized the next day in Moletein by priest Joseh Winopal. Godparents were Josef Montag, a landowner in Ohrnes and Rosaria Giesl, wife of Franz Giesl, a landowner in Ohrnes Amelia married Seymour Montgomery. Seymour had a son from a previous marriage named Dewey. Amelia & Seymour had two children:

  - Ruth
  - Frances

Amelia Schad
Seymour Montgomery
b. 11-02-1878 @ Ohrnes, Austria (Javori, Czech Rep.)
d. 5-13-1948 @ Brewster, MN
b. 6-05-1867 @ Munster, IN
d. 5-13-1948 @ Brewster, MN
m. ???

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