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Elizabeth (Schad) Babcock Family


Elizabeth (Schad) Babcock & Frances Montgomery       Elizabeth Schad was the daughter of Frank Sr. and Theresa (Montag) Schad. Several birthdates have been found for Elizabeth. We believe she was born in 1879. We don't know where she was born, but think it was in Moletein, Austria (now Maletin, Czech Republic). Elizabeth married John Babcock. The couple had four children, of which one died in infancy:

  - John
  - Leona
  - David   (lived for a few months)
  - Mary

Eliza Schad
William Babcock
b. 1-01-1887 @ Heron Lake, MN
d. 1-14-1887 @ Jackson, MN
b. 7-10-1884 @ Jackson, MN
d. 12-24-1931 @ Jackson, MN
m. 6-17-1914 @ Jackson, MN

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