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Frances (Schad) Schaffer Family


		      Frances Schad was the daughter of Frank and Theresa (Montag) Schad. According to records in Olomouc, Czech Republic, she was born on Feb 21, 1877, at Ohrnes, Austria (Javori, Czech Republic). Midwife was Johanna Hekele, of Ohrnes. She was baptized the next day in Ohrnes by prieset Joseh Winopal. Godparents were Josef Montag, a landowner in Ohrnes, and Rosaria Giesl (or Gusl), wife of a landowner in Ohrnes. Supposedly, everyone called her Fannie. She came to the United States in 1880 with her family and settled in Cottonwood County, MN. She married Rudolph Schaffer. Frances and Rudolph had nine children (data for the children is on their individual pages):

  - Mary
  - Eliza
  - Frederick
  - Herman
  - George
  - Eva
  - Aurelia
  - Pauline
  - Gertrude

Fannie Schad
Rudy Schaffer
b. 2-21-1877 @ Ohrnes, Austria (Javori, Czech Rep.)
d. 3-10-1946 @ Heron Lake, MN
b. 7-28-1882
d. 2-05-1959 @ Heron Lake, MN
m. 2-06-1905 @ Heron Lake, MN

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