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Theresa (Schad) Jarmer Family


adolph schad sr.      Theresa Mollie Schad was the daughter of Frank and Theresa (Montag) Schad. We do not have an exact birthdate. Our sources contradict each other. However, the date of birth that seems to be correct is June 19, 1874. Theresa was born in Ohrnes, Austria (Javori, Czech, Czech Republic). She came to the United States at about six years of age and settled in Cottonwood County, MN with her family. Theresa married John Jarmer. The couple had ten children (data for them can be found on their respective pages):

  -John Jr.

Theresa Schad
John Julius Jarmer
b. 6-19-1874 @ Ohrnes, Austria (Javori, Czech Rep.)
d. 2-06-1958 @ Heron Lake, MN
b. 3-06-1870 @ Triebendorf, Austria (Trebarov, Czech Rep.)
d. 11-07-1942 @ Heron Lake, MN
m. 11-9-1897

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