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John Babcock Family


	      John Francis Babcock was born on January 5, 1915. He was the first child of William and Elizabeth (Schad) Babcock. He married Norma Cline on November 27, 1940, at Jackson, MN. John and Norma had two children: William and David (aka "Pete"). Norma died of a brain cyst on January 31, 1951. She was only 34 years old.

  - William
  - David "Pete"

     John later married Ida (Noffsinger) Nelson on January 5, 1956, at Jackson, MN. Ida had previously been married to Earl Nelson and she had the following children with Earl: Paul, Larry, David, Tim, Wanda, and Shirley. John passed away on January 30, 1989, at Jackson, MN. Ida passed away on June 13, 1989.

John Babcock
Norma Cline
Ida Noffsinger
b. 1-05-1915 @ Jackson, MN
d. 1-30-1989 @ Jackson, MN
b. 7-01-1916 @ Jackson, MN
d. 1-31-1951 @ Jackson, MN
b. 1914
d. 6-13-1989
11-27-1940 @ Jackson, MN
1-05-1956 @ Jackson, MN

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