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Lester Schad Family


	      Lester Goodwin Joseph Schad was born on May 27, 1917, in Heron Lake, MN. He was the son of Gustave & Anna (Yusko) Schad. He married Gasparina (Jessie) Guastella on February 9, 1946, at Brooklyn, NY. Lester & Jessie had three children:

  - Lester Jr.
  - Joyce (lived 1 month)
  - Joyce-Lorraine

      Jessie currently lives in New York State. I met her one time, at the Schad Family Reunion, in Belle Fouche, SD. Lester & Jessie's daughter, Joyce-Lorraine, has been researching the Schad family since the early 1990's. Her website is at

Lester Schad
Jessie Guastella
b. 5-27-1917 @ Heron Lake, MN
d. 7-04-1971 @ Merrick, NY
b. 11-05-1915 @ Misilmeri, Sicily, Italy
m. 2-09-1946 @ Brooklyn, NY

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