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Mary (Babcock) Allen Family


	      Mary LaRose Babcock, also known by older generations as Mary-Rose, is the daughter of William and Elizabeth (Schad) Babcock. She was born on June 07, 1928, at Jackson, MN. She was the third child to John & Eliza Babcock. She married Verlan Allen on April 12, 1947, at Jackson, MN. Mary and Verlan have two children:

  - Clifford
  - Norman

     Mary & Verlan currently reside in Heron Lake, MN, the home of many people in previous generations.

     I visited with Mary for over an hour on October 3, 2002, and it was a thrill to do so!! Mary told me stories that I will remember for the rest of my life. She and her husband Verlan are wonderful people and I feel priveledged to meet them.

Mary Babcock
Verlan Allen
b. 6-07-1928 @ Jackson, MN b. 2-14-1923 @ Jackson, MN
m. 4-12-1947 @ Lakefield, MN

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